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Private guided tours. These tours are for groups of friends and families who prefer to travel in a small group with a guide. The tours are completely customized to your preferences and everything will be booked in advance for you. http://ping.fm/PVrWq
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TOUR IN PERU is a solo travellers or singles travel specialist – As local tour operators our main mission is to offer singles and solo travellers various selected group tours to Machu Picchu to suit all budgets, whilst keeping the single supplement at a realistic price. We can offer; Singles Holidays, daily tours for Singles, adventure travel for single people, singles accommodation, and singles Groups. http://ping.fm/GXGaN
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Singles Travel Tour Operator - Machu Picchu! http://ping.fm/UrcLl
If you are a single traveller, we’re here to help you find your ideal holiday! Whether you dream of a lazy week with one of our varied tours of Peru or an action Travel Package full of adventure to Machu Picchu http://ping.fm/PplZE
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You’ll want to start planting the seed before you go: Talk up your travel plans to Machu Picchu http://ping.fm/tthVU
Machu Picchu – How to Connect with Solo Travellers? http://ping.fm/TMGNr
Solo Travel of TOUR IN PERU is a resource center for single and solo travel. We feature solo travel tales of Machu Picchu and the varied destination of Peru, destination reports, going solo tips for you to have a great time in Machu Picchu, listings of singles tours with daily departures guaranteed 365 days a year, singles boat or cruises tours aroung Lake Titicaca, singles getaways, single-friendly holidays and vacations with no single supplement fees. http://ping.fm/mXMuu
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Travelling to Machu Picchu Peru solo for the first time need not be a daunting experience…
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Holidays in Machu Picchu Peru for Solo Travellers http://ping.fm/iOhVm
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It’s the magical end to the Inca Trail, South America’s most famous trek, which is an unforgettable journey even if it wasn’t topped off with cherry on the cake Machu Picchu. http://ping.fm/iLa0A
Machu Picchu Inca Trail – Must-see Before You Die http://ping.fm/5HolG
Inca Trail Machu Picchu – Must-see Atraction http://ping.fm/PaODC
Machu Picchu as the number one solo destination in South America? http://ping.fm/791kI
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Inexpensive Singles Vacations, tours and trips designed and hosted specifically for singles and solo travelers. Many of our vacations are all inclusive and are all very affordable singles travel vacation choices. http://ping.fm/q7BGs
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Make it a point to join us this year (2012) for a great singles vacation. Our Vacations and tours to Machu Picchu or any other destinations in Peru are always hosted for singles with lots of opportunity to meet other like minded singles and solo travelers. http://ping.fm/Yq6F9
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Singles Travel to Machu Picchu Peru – Our Promise 2012

OUR PROMISE TO YOU. With years of travel consulting experience to Machu Picchu – Peru, we are well aware of the specific needs of the single traveller and 2012 will not be the exception. http://ping.fm/GN0aI
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Connecting solo travellers of all ages. TOUR IN PERU is a licensed travel agent specialising in travel for single people of all ages. We are the first travel agency in Peru to specialise in escorted group tours to Machu Picchu – Peru for solo travellers. http://ping.fm/SakBy
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